User research question 2: private group chats

As I am designing Bana, I have a few questions that will inform some of my initial design decisions.

How many private group chats do you regularly engage in?

How many private messaging apps (eg WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, et al) do you use regularly?

Do you use Discord or Slack for private group chats where you know everyone in the group? Why those over more typical text messaging apps?

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4 responses to “User research question 2: private group chats”

  1. I have at least 7 active private social group chats across 3 apps (iMessage, Signal, Instagram).

  2. no idea, a ton lol

    also, so many events become whatsapp groups here in NL. organise a bachelor party? create a whatsapp group. etc

    i also have a very long standing whatsapp group with 6 friends, and we always give a birthday gift together as the group. so that single whatsapp group has actually spawned another 6 whatsapp group all in the variation where one of the friends is not part of the group to coordinate the gift buying lol

  3. ~15 group chats regularly, but a member of many more. This is across WhatsApp (mostly family), Telegram (mostly friends), Matrix (mostly open source stuff) and Keet (mostly me experimenting).

    I use Slack for work and alumni work channels and tend to know most of the people in the Slack groups. I have a Discord account but only use it if I am forced to do so. I like having a clear separation between work chats and personal chats if possible.

    Other communication tools that are interesting to me are Briar, Meshtastic and Snikket/XMPP. I have also been experimenting with Beeper to try and bring all of my personal chats into a single UI.

  4. My by-choice one is always Matrix for both public and private rooms. For interactions I don’t have a choice in the other ones are iMessage (always with people I know), Facebook Messenger (always with people I know), Slack (almost always people I know), and Discord (almost always larger projects with people I don’t know).