User research question 1: morning phone use

As I am designing Bana, I have a few questions that will inform some of my initial design decisions.

What is the first app you use each day? Why? How soon after waking up? How long do you use it? What causes you to stop using your phone and continue with your day? How do you usually feel after?

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2 responses to “User research question 1: morning phone use”

  1. Immediately after waking up, I check iMessage and Signal because many of my friends and family are in later timezones and have had conversations while I was asleep. Then, I look at my calendar and get out of bed within 15 minutes. I usually feel happy based on the conversations or whatever emotion is associated with the day’s events on my calendar.

  2. It’s probably either Relatica (the mobile app for Friendica that I write), Element, Fastmail, or the browser to see what happened on Basically it’s plugging into the information stream. How I feel depends on how much shit has brewed overnight :).