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  • Peer-to-peer architecture research

    Peer-to-peer architecture research

    I need recommendations for a peer-to-peer architecture. I want to build a private social app, not reinvent P2P infrastructure. I wrote about the app’s use case considerations. Please comment if you have knowledge, suggestions, or anything helpful!

  • User research question 3: journal apps, part 1

    If you use a journal app: which one? How long have you used it? When do you use it each day? How consistently do you use it (days per week)? Did anything help you form a journaling habit? Did you try other apps? What aspect do you appreciate most about each?

  • User research question 2: private group chats

    How many private group chats do you regularly engage in? How many private messaging apps (eg WhatsApp, iMessage, Signal, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, et al) do you use regularly? Do you use Discord or Slack for private group chats where you know everyone in the group? Why those over more typical text messaging apps?

  • User research question 1: morning phone use

    What is the first app you use each day? Why? How soon after waking up? How long do you use it? What causes you to stop using your phone and continue with your day? How do you usually feel after?